Branded environments

  • extending brands in physical terms
  • encapsulating brand values and ethos in tangible environments
  • retail, F&B and service environments
  • corporate and institutional workplace environments, brands in action

In an increasingly crowded and mediarised environment, it is becoming essential for brands to stand out with distinction. We provide powerful solutions to this challenge in helping brands extend in physical terms through designing branded retail, food and beverage and service environments. In particular we have a wealth of experience in designing a diverse range of retail clients, from standalone stores to global rollouts, or launching a brand new retail concept for well established brands, such as prestigious Swiss watch manufacturer Vacheron Constantin.

Our instinctive understanding of how brands work and need to be communicated enables us to encapsulate a brand’s ethos and values in tangible environments. It is in our belief that branded environments not only increase a brand’s visibility, but they also act as important touch points, where people can have an immersive experience and first hand interaction with the brands they love. As such, they become attractive and engaging destinations in their own right.

In addition, we design corporate and institutional workplace environments, including group headquarters for Richemont, where brands are embodied in action from the lobby and meeting zones to behind scene offices. A brand’s strong identity and culture are fully reflected in our designs, whilst productivity, creativity and efficiency are being nurtured.

We believe that projects which successfully communicate their parent brands in the physical environment can bring much more than financial returns to the client. Often, they have wider social impacts on their surrounding environment such as rejuvenating urban regeneration and creating vibrancy in the public realm.