Heritage development

  • respecting, retaining and celebrating heritage
  • sustainable heritage modernisation
  • maximising usability, sustainability and profile of heritage sites
  • contemporisation of historic fabric for modern function

Heritage development is a great passion of Kokaistudios, and we are at the forefront of sustainable modernisation projects. We believe historic buildings are hidden gems which, with sensitive repurposing, can become both cherished public icons of a city and valuable assets for our clients. Our goal is to contemporise the historic fabric of a city and upgrade it to perform modern functions, whilst respecting, retaining and celebrating the heritage of the site.

There are inevitable challenges due to the complex and sensitive nature of some projects, but our ambition is to unite conservation with innovation. Our extensive research, attention to detail and respect for traditions and history are fundamental to our design approach. Notable examples of our work include Bund 18 and OCT Suhe Creek Showroom.

We strive to build benchmark projects that prompt public awareness to conserve and protect important and historic sites. By bringing greater utility, sustainability and profile to the projects, our designs prove that successful heritage developments can be of tremendous function and value. They contribute to a stronger sense of place by celebrating their unique visual characteristics and, together with contemporary additions, greatly improve the city’s urban realm.