Public architecture

  • social benefit to projects in the public realm, whether private or public sector
  • crafting vibrant, usable places, with social function and profile.

We make architecture with people in mind. Architecture in the public realm, whether driven by the public or private sectors, has ability to elevate a community’s pride and serve as an emblem of a city or a country’s cultural identity. Successful architecture is created as much through a sense of vibrancy, delight and humanity as is by efficiency, value and profile.

We believe it is important that projects respond to the needs of both their immediate users and the public at large, from the scale of urban renewal to retail projects, bringing greater social interaction, utility and ultimately better places for the public to use.

Our vision is to craft vibrant and usable places that are also equipped with a social aspect, in turn creating greater attraction, higher profile and increased embedded value. From educational institutions that nurture intelligence and knowledge share, to cultural centres that stimulate curiosity, we have a breadth of experience in creating functional architecture that people want to work in, learn in, to visit and be seen in.