Urban Renewal

  • designing for urban integrity
  • social value in how city districts are used and populated
  • reinstating public vibrancy and efficiency in post-industrial cities

It is without a doubt that the urban environment we inhabit has a huge impact on our day-to-day lives. Cities are ever-evolving systems, requiring updates and renewals to accommodate our changing demands, habits and expectations. Kokaistudios believes strongly in designing for urban integrity. With a comprehensive approach, looking at the environmental, socio-economic and cultural contexts, we aim to breathe new life into post-industrial cities by reinstating public vibrancy and efficiency.

We understand that each project is unique in its challenges and opportunities. Yet all are united by an underlying belief that social values come from the way city districts are used and populated. Our designs consider the degree of urbanisation, public spaces, accessibility and the needs of different demographics to create better, more comfortable and more enjoyable environments for the people who live in it.

Through contemporary, sustainable and human-centric design schemes, we bring greater value and benefits to communities, to our clients and to cities. Ultimately, we design with the purpose of improving the quality of people’s lives.